Upholstery and embroidery

We have tools for the realization of customized sweater and board kits of each boat, thanks to the upholstery printing service in Olbia.
We aid you to give a touch of class and sophistication to your interior upholstery as well as crew uniforms.Thanks to our nice prints and embroidery, we offer the possibility to restructure the nautical upholstery, from tilts and coverings to the inside and outside cushions. All customers can enjoy this service both in summer and winter.

Our catalogue

Our customers will enjoy a wide catalogue in order to choose the fabrics and colors that best fit their boat's design.

To better customize the boat upholstery, we choose together with the customer the type of embroidery.This service is ensured thanks special machines, such as plotter, suitable for digital printing. We also use textile sublimation - a customization technique that allows you to print 100% polyester white garments, ideal for technical or sportswear because it does not obstruct the pores of the fabric leaving it free to breathe - and an embroiderer